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2 Ghosts Frankenstein http://www.georgetown.edu/irvinemj/english016/franken/franken.html
2 Ghosts Ghosts & Other Haunts (New Zealand Ghosts) http://www.go.to/nzghosts
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2 Witches Primary Source Media Witchcraft in Europe and America Online http://www.witchcraft.psmedia.com/
2 Witches Rare Books Online Witchcraft in Europe and America http://www.psmedia.com/site/catalog/cat500.htm
2 Witches The Witchcraft Bibliography Project. http://www.hist.unt.edu/witch.htm
2 Witches The Witches' Web http://www.witchesweb.com/
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France PICTASCIENCE - La culture scientifique en Poitou-Charentes http://www.pictascience.org/
France X O O M . F R http://www.xoom.fr/home/
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