Welcome to the http//www.Zimmerleuten.com manual

The Zimmerleuten.com manual has been conceived as an online HELP which opens in a separate browser window.  Purpose is to provide help for using the WEB application which allows to view, edit and print out records of the access data base REGSTAT by way of the Novartis Intranet. It is not the purpose of this manual to provide information on the philosophy,  the use, or the content of Zimmerleuten.com.

The possibilities of the INTRANET are fully used by this WEB application.  It serves as a user interface to permit reading and editing of an ACCESS based version of Zimmerleuten.com.  The main database is thus located on a fire-wall protected WEB server, using the stable yet flexible database environment. ACCESS is very well suited for medium sized data bases and has evolved into a world standard for INTER / INTRANET database applications with low access frequencies. The users do not need to have the ACCESS software as the user interface is wholly INTRANET based and written in ASP (for the SQL queries). The WEB application provides for password protection, edit rights administration by the owners of the database, and full view and edit - trace ability with time stamp and user identification for every change on the database.