Welcome to the Rordorf Family 

The Rordorf family has been established in the town of Zuerich, Switzerland, since over 650 years.  Over 22 generations can indeed be traced in an uninterrupted and thoroughly secured and documented family tree.  All now living members of the family are direct descendents of Knight Hartmann von Rordorf I who lived in Zuerich in the beginning of the 14th century as a silk merchant and silver smith.  He signed a public document on 6th march 1349 concerning a shipment of silk which has been unrightfully held back in Milano.  The last common parents of all today living Rordorf descendents were Rudolf von Rordorf and his wife Fortunata Göldli.  He was a cannon engineer and a letter by the French King Charles IX of march 17, 1567 asking for his services is kept in the Swiss public archive (Staatsarchiv).

    The last fief of the family, the Wasterkingen Lehen which has been granted by the Dukes and Kings of Austria (Leopold III), has been converted into the Rordorf Family Foundation by Anna Margaretha Rordorf  (1639-1710).  This foundation has been nurtured ever since and the management of the foundation is still an occasion for family reunions on a regular basis.
    These pages should contribute to establish contacts and exchange information on the Rordorf Family.  They should also give insight into a piece of local European history and illustrate the life in the guild and aristocracy governed free town of Zuerich

last update: January 23, 2001