course#3 - Restoration and building of 


Two small dry walls also had to be rebuilt above two doors.  As the opening for the oak boards was very narrow it was essential to build tension releasing arches in these cases.

The many roofs of the old farm buildings will need to be repaired soon as they have been terribly neglected by the former owners.  For this reason I bought 1000 pieces of old tiles from my very nice German neighbor in Epanvilliers.  The whole pile took 7 round trips with my car. I had to collect the tiles on the first level of the neighbors house and load them in my car.  This took roughly 30 minutes for each load including the 2 minutes trip back to the castle.  I then had to unload the tiles building up the pile shown below, which took about 15 minutes.  To enter and drive back out I had to cross the main gate as I had blocked my own access in order to protect l, the former owner, from deft.  This very person closed the main gate 14 times on me - closing all of the locks and padlocks every times in order to give me a hard time.  The twelfth time I caught him at the gate just about to close the gate again.  I got out of the car and yelled at him. 



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